“Didn't you know? I am a fool.”

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Masami Okui | Rinbu Revolution

revolutionary girl utena (1997) OP

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Cloud Art by Corrine Melanie

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you know I had to redraw this scene-- I truly can't wait for the movie

also, was comparing to when i drew sonic from the beginning of 2018 big oof, I improved a lot.

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Memphis Zoo 11/15/2019

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i know i uploaded this literally yesterday, but i redrew them a little bigger and i much prefer this one!

[names include corona mew, cyromew, cybermew, etc. i go with chronamew :3c

it was said to be an evolution of mew. fun fact! mew was added into the game late. like, right before release levels late. and few people actually knew it was even in the game to begin with, which is what started its truly legendary status!]

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i walk these country roads, the only country roads that take me home

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I'm going to defeat you with the power of love and this sword I found.


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lycorisrose >>> rosescape

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I love the moon. She's always been there for me

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a bug in her natural habitat!!!! make ur own persona and share in the reblogs!!!


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in a perfect world....

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happy pride month ♥

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do I make sense half of the time? no

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just woke up from a dream in which i had a gf and then she died but she was still walking & talking and then we had sex and she got pregnant (dream logic), but she was still dead and i was too timid to ask how that was going to work

also her farm was on fire

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I, for one, hope it works out for you and your new zombie girlfriend.

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the moon seen through a telescope, 1920-1925

trans rights are human rights

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this post is still relevant no matter what! always be reminded that trans rights ARE human rights and if you disagree go step on a lego!

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first post on this website?? hell yea-

sketched him few days ago and had to color him in.

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esper izuku coloring/edit,,,, og under th cut